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Help stop Doug Ford from playing politics with Ontario's symbol.

Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives have decided that they have the right to change Ontario's trillium symbol for their own partisan purposes.

The Trillium is a symbol for ALL ONTARIANS, not just Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives.

Ontario's trillium has long been the symbol of hope and opportunity for all. The classic T-shaped logo was first used by the Ontario government more than 40 years ago. It's been used no matter which political party was in power.

That is, until now.

Now Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives have changed the logo to more closely resemble the Ontario PC Party logo.

Doug Ford has taken the symbol - meant to unite us all no matter where we're from - and made it look more like the logo of the Ontario PC Party.

And he's using taxpayer's dollars and a Progressive Conservative friendly ad agency to do it.
The cost - $89,000 taxpayer dollars to design a new logo.

John Fraser and the Liberal Party think that enough is enough!

Register on this site today and Take Action to help John Fraser and the Liberal Party stop the Ford Progressive Conservatives from playing partisan politics with Ontario's symbol.

Our provincial floral emblem since 1937, the distinctive three-leaved, three-petal trillium has become one of our provinces most well-known and beloved symbols.

The white blossom of the trillium is associated with peace and hope. Since 1964, the trillium has also served as the official logo for the government of Ontario. Over the ensuing four decades the trillium has become a universal symbol and seal for governments of all three major political parties.

While an indelible part of our natural heritage, the trillium's future remains a considerable source of concern. Trilliums take over 15 years to mature, and quickly die should their distinctive three leaves (their only food source) get picked. Many jurisdictions have passed laws preventing the picking of trilliums, and the preservation of this flower, and all it stands for, remains a laudable goal of conservation minded Ontarians province wide.